Big Game Grub

This week, January ends and February begins, which means for me that my Whole30 wraps up and reintroduction starts. Professionally, this time has me busy planning and carrying out marketing efforts for the "Big Game" (read this if you wonder why companies keep using every phrase besides the one that rhymes with "Duper Roll" this week) and my favorite holiday: Valentine's Day. But more on why I love V-day so much next week...

When there's a lot going on and I get stressed, I often make food choices that don't benefit me. This is my third round of Whole 30 and this time, I plan to successfully master the reintroduction period. Because, what was the point of cutting out dairy, sugar, grains, legumes & alcohol for 30 days, if I'm not going to learn something from the experience? Therefore, I'm sharing some ideas I plan to implement to stay on track this Sunday. Whether you're entering the reintroduction like me, starting #FebruaryWhole30 or just looking for some healthy recipes, read on.

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