Big Game Grub

This week, January ends and February begins, which means for me that my Whole30 wraps up and reintroduction starts. Professionally, this time has me busy planning and carrying out marketing efforts for the "Big Game" (read this if you wonder why companies keep using every phrase besides the one that rhymes with "Duper Roll" this week) and my favorite holiday: Valentine's Day. But more on why I love V-day so much next week...

When there's a lot going on and I get stressed, I often make food choices that don't benefit me. This is my third round of Whole 30 and this time, I plan to successfully master the reintroduction period. Because, what was the point of cutting out dairy, sugar, grains, legumes & alcohol for 30 days, if I'm not going to learn something from the experience? Therefore, I'm sharing some ideas I plan to implement to stay on track this Sunday. Whether you're entering the reintroduction like me, starting #FebruaryWhole30 or just looking for some healthy recipes, read on.

For starters, my favorite part of these thirty days has been the gift of waking up each morning feeling great. Over the holidays, even if I had just two glasses of wine, I felt hungover the next day. I hate that!  So, I'm not planning on reintroducing alcohol too quickly and will likely be drinking water, LaCroix or kombucha on Sunday. If I do decide to get boozy, I'm definitely making a Gundalow cocktail because I've never felt hungover the next day after drinking one (or more!)

Many people have asked me which foods I miss most during these thirty days. My answer is actually that I've added so many new favorite foods that it's easy to shift my focus away from the ones I've cut out. I have loved getting creative in the kitchen and trying out new recipes. My favorite go-to product has been Amazi Foods Plantain Chips. They're great alone, as a vehicle for dips or smashed and sprinkled over soups, salads and dishes.

What really strikes me even more than Amazi's incredible flavor is their fascinating story. Amazi is a "mindful food company whose mission is to inspire local agricultural value chains and catalyze economic growth through the sales of healthy products." They source the handcrafted plantain chips from farmer cooperatives in Uganda and work to keep all value addition local in order to encourage supply chain development.  Supporting Amazi Foods supports Direct Trade and protects Organic farm practices, promotes local businesses, and creates job opportunities.  Here are a few ways to incorporate Amazi into your Big Game party on Sunday:

  • Chips & guac: skip the tortilla and grab Chili Spiced Plantain Chips to pair with Guacamole. Either make your own guac or pick up from Whole Foods Market. Their in-house guac is super simple, Whole 30 compliant and so delicious.
  • Bison Chili: This recipe for Bison Chili by @therealfoodrds is easy to make using local Gunpowder Bison. Add Amazi Plantain Chips on top for a crunch!
  • Easy Sweet Potato Lobster Bisque: Cheering for New England? Seafood bisques are usually creamy, but you can achieve a similar texture using coconut milk. Roast or bake 4 sweet potatos for 1 hour and remove the skin. Add sweet potatoes and 1 can of coconut milk plus 1 tablespoon of coconut oil to your Vitamix or food processor. Add a dash of salt and pepper. Blend until smooth and steamy and add steamed lobster chunks in last (blend on low for 30 seconds), then serve and garnish with parsley... and Amazi's Plantain Chips if you're obsessed like me. (Here are more detailed recipes if this doesn't sound easy!)
  • Philly Cheesesteak Stuffed Potatoes: OK Philadelphia football fans and cheesesteak fans, this is a stretch. But, if you're looking for compliant, themed recipes, try this one from Living Loving Paleo. Nutritional yeast is my secret ingredient for giving dishes and dips a cheesy, nutty taste. And, I love fully loaded potatoes for any meal of the day, so you can't go wrong with some fun toppings... like, bacon, plantain chips, onions (wit or witout) or herbs. To make life even easier, you could even use Ayoba-Yo's Biltong (air-dried steak slices) in your potato. The possibilities are endless!


Hopefully these recipe ideas have inspired you to use some of your favorite foods in new ways. If you're interested in trying Amazi Foods Plantain Chips or Ayoba-Yo's Biltong, you can use code PACELOVEFOOD for 10% off! Share your favorite recipes in the comments below-- I'd love to see what you're cooking! Have a blast this Sunday.