B'More Saucy for the New Year

To kick off the New Year, I’m partnering with B’More Saucy for an Instagram Giveaway! Check out my most recent post to learn how you can win a box of locally made sauces.

I started working with B’More Saucy this past summer, and I’ve been so impressed with the products they make, the process they use and the people they are! Let’s start with the products.

B’More Saucy makes Bayside Pepper Sauce and Little Pearl Hot Sauce. The recipe for their signature product, Bayside Pepper Sauce, is inspired by a household hot sauce family recipe. Some people think of Bayside Pepper Sauce as a hot sauce, while others think of it as a local ketchup, meets mustard, meets hot sauce. It’s made from tomatoes, peppers and over 10 unique spices and goes well with seafood, popcorn, chicken, cocktails, burgers, eggs, tacos, hummus, and more. It also mixes well with oil and vinegar for a spicy salad dressing, or can be tossed with raw veggies, then pan roasted to kick your side dish up a notch. Here are some of my favorite Bayside recipes.

Their newest product is Little Pearl Hot Sauce. Aside from the fact that it is DELICIOUS and so perfect on oysters, I love that B’More Saucy donates 15% of the proceeds of Little Pearl Hot Sauce to the Chesapeake BaySavers. The Chesapeake BaySavers is an Annapolis-based environmental nonprofit with a mission to restore the health of the Chesapeake Bay through legislative efforts, community outreach, hands-on restoration work, and environmental education programs for youth. This resonates with me and the B’More Saucy team because we’ve all lived in close proximity to the Chesapeake Bay Watershed for most of our lives. Oysters can do a great deal of work in helping to revitalize and replenish the Chesapeake Bay because of the natural water cleansing process which occurs as a result of oysters living in the bay. Did you know that one adult oyster can filter up to 50 gallons of water in one day – which means a fully functioning oyster bed can filter up to 20,000 gallons a day! (Source: Chesapeake BaySavers)

Another aspect of B’More Saucy that differentiates them is the process they use to create their products. They make their sauces in small batches at B-More Kitchen, and they bottle each sauce by hand. Talk about a labor of love! It’s not easy to make hot sauce-- if you’ve ever tried, you’ll know that your eyes could tear up and you may even have trouble breathing. B’More Saucy has the process down to a science, and they source as many local ingredients as possible.

Finally, the Founders, Aaron and Angela Barton, are downright good people. They took Aaron’s old family recipe and tweaked it to share with friends at tailgates and parties. Angela came up with the name and the husband/wife duo has been working tirelessly at Farmers’ Markets, in B-More Kitchen and at events with their adorable daughters to grow the business. It’s truly a family affair and it feels great to support this local business while enjoying their delicious sauce.

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Source: www.paceandlovemarketing.com/pacelovefood