Back to School, Back to Routine

Although I haven't had a first day of school in over seven years (!), September now means getting back into a routine. And, if you're anything like me, it all starts with food. In the summer, there are lots of weddings and weekend plans that can cut into meal prep, but September usually feels like a New Year with resolutions to plan meals and eat more mindfully.

So, whether you or your kids are going back to school, or you're just looking for some new food ideas, here a few favorite items, services and combinations for you to explore:

Wholesome Nibbles: These hand-rolled healthy truffles are made with dried fruits, nuts and other simple ingredients and I am OBSESSED with them! They're sold in pouches of 3 (perfect to throw in the lunchbox) or packs of 8. I love enjoying these for breakfast, after a workout or for a healthy dessert. My favorite flavor is Choco Raspberry... but the Cookie Dough is a close second. Check out their website to order: 

Gundalow Juice: This cold-pressed juice company makes the best fruit and vegetable juice blends out there. If "back to routine" means that you suddenly have a lot on your schedule, you might be forgetting about getting your nutrients. Drinking Gundalow Juice incorporates convenient nutrition in the most delicious way. They make it really easy for you, because you can order online and have your case sent to your home or office. Order the popular Crew Case:

In addition, Gundalow Gourmet is the personal chef service sister company to Gundalow Juice. The chefs at Gundalow Gourmet work with you on a menu for the week and then literally grocery shop, make your meals and then leave reheating instructions for you. It's an incredible service and they cater, too!

B'More Saucy makes Bayside Pepper Sauce for you to use as a marinate, saucy addition to snacks like popcorn or mixed into your salad as dressing. B'More Saucy is handcrafted at B-More Kitchen in small batches, and the recipe has been in Founder Aaron Barton's family for decades. It's available for purchase online, at Farmers' Markets or in retail locations like Gunpowder Bison's Farm Store (yes, it goes well on a bison burger!).

Gunpowder Bison Trading Co. raises bison in pastures on their farm in Monkton, Maryland. Visiting the farm is always an incredible experience, but what's more convenient is ordering the bison cuts to your home! Gunpowder Bison offers free delivery on orders over $150 in their premium shipping zone (includes the Mid-Atlantic region and surrounding states). What's great about preparing bison for dinner is that it cooks FAST so you can have more time around the table together. Also, bison is incredibly lean, super flavorful and very versatile.

Another great meat company I highly suggest trying is Ayoba-Yo Meat Co. I've fallen in love with Biltong & Droewors. If you're a fan of beef jerky, you'll be amazed how much better their beef snacks are. Biltong means slab of beef and it's marinated, spiced and then air-dried for 14 days, before being sliced and packaged. Droewors means dried sausage and it goes through a similar process of biltong, as both versions are not cooked but instead, air-dried. Biltong & Droewors contain zero sugar, but have a tender taste. I love enjoying a bag of biltong after a workout or sprinkled over salad, on pizza or in eggs. This is another great option for your/your kids' lunchbox, as each 2 oz. bag contains over 30 grams of protein! Order online ( or buy from Whole Foods Market, Order & Chaos or Diamondback Brewery.

Lastly, there's a special duo that I love enjoying in the morning: "Overnight Oats" with B'More Organic Vanilla Skyr Smoothie & Toasted Muesli from Michele's Granola. Minutes in the morning seem to go faster than the rest of the day, so sometimes breakfast takes a backseat. But, I tackle that by making it the night before. In a glass bowl with a lid, combine 1 cup of B'More Organic Skyr Smoothie (I love vanilla), a half of cup of Michele's Granola Toasted Muesli and a teaspoon of chia seeds. Add more smoothie or more Muesli depending on the consistency you're going for (I usually like my overnight oats to be soaked!) Then, seal the bowl and set in the refrigerator overnight. Wake up, stir, add any toppings (shredded coconut, fruit, honey) and enjoy. It's so filling and delicious, and both companies are Maryland-based!

What are your favorite foods to grab on the go in September? Comment below!